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UKSERV in Semester 96A

The UK Service Programme is open to applications from UK and International applicants alike. Canada and the Netherlands run their own service programmes.

Applications are accepted for observations that take no more than 4 hours to complete (half of a standard JCMT shift). Typical applications include those requiring completion of PATT projects that have been partially weathered out or nearly-but-not-quite finished; pilot projects which may lead to full-blown PATT applications; short investigations that would not justify a full PATT application; monitoring programmes; and targets of opportunity.

Currently the UK-TAG allocates about 8 shifts to UKServ per semester which the JCMT Scheduler then attempts to distribute throughout the semester so as to maximise the RA range covered.

All applications are awarded a scientific grading by 2 independent assessors, one of whom is a member of the UK-TAG. In addition the applications are technically assessed by staff at the JAC. The assessment process should take no longer than two weeks after which the applicant is notified whether his project has been added to the service list or whether a rewrite is necessary. The UK Service Programme can be an extremely rapid method of obtaining your data.

Prospective applicants can obtain information about the UK Service Programme from the JCMT home page on the World Wide Web. If you wish to obtain further information then send an e-mail request to:

UKServ in semester 96A

There are 10 shifts of UKServ scheduled this semester. The provisional locations for the shifts can be found from the World Wide Web. For semester 96A the UKServ shifts were arranged in a pattern determined by the UK TAG to be optimised for the programmes currently on the waiting list. However, these are subject to change due to the instrument delivery modifications.

Graeme Watt, JAC

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