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Home Page for the JCMT Legacy Survey JLS logo
The JCMT Legacy Survey (JLS) is an ambitious programme to study our Galaxy and Universe in the submillimetre from the summit of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. It comprises seven programmes whose scientific objectives are to understand the origin, nature and evolution of the universe, galaxies, stars and planets.

JLS Guidelines Useful information on summit occupancy during JLS blocks, how to prepare MSBs for survey observations, and how to execute the queue at the telescope during JLS blocks.

It is important that all JLS members, especially those likely to prepare or take part in observations, are familiar with these guidelines.

Observing guidelines for JLS observers Easy-to-read guidelines on flexible observing priorities and useful information for summit observers.
JLS Status Updates on the progress of JLS observing.
Policies and procedures Information on the JLS policies and procedures as defined and set by the JCMT Board.
Documents and Publications Reports, documents and refereed publications.
JLS allocations
Survey Depths
The allocation of time awarded to each survey by the JCMT Board. The survey depths and sensitivity goals are also presented. These, in conjunction with the JLS Clash Tool, are useful for preparation of PI proposals to avoid possible scientific clashes with JLS projects.
JLS Coordinators The list of JLS coordinators. Contact these people with respect to survey specific matters.
ORAC-DR and JLS Instructions on how to install and run the latest version of ORAC-DR on your own machine. Keep up to date with the latest releases and updates.
Blogs Keep up to date with the latest news from the SCUBA-2 News blog as well as the latest date reduction and JCMT Science Archive news at the Pipelines and Archives Blog
JLS Clash Tool Use this tool when preparing your PI proposals to determine whether your proposal has a positional clash with any of the JLS survey fields. If you find a potential clash, then follow the advice given in the Call for Proposals.
ACSIS data reduction cookbook A cookbook on how to reduce your ACSIS data.
SCUBA-2 data reduction cookbook A cookbook on how to reduce your SCUBA-2 data.
Survey Membership The Survey Membership wiki pages are still available. Astronomers from the three partner countries can join any survey programme they wish to up until the start of survey operations. Those from outside the partner countries will need to be nominated by a survey coordinator who needs to make a case for the added-value that person brings to the team.
Survey Descriptions Follow this link for brief summary of the seven legacy programmes.

Mailing Lists

There are a number of mailing lists that have been set up for dicussions of surveys within the JCMT community. You can subscribe to a mailing list (or change you email address) here.
This list is for general survey discussions of relevance to both Galactic and Extra Galactic astronomers. A password protected mail archive is available.
A general mailing list for all the coordinators of the JLS.
        Galactic Plane Survey [mail archive ]
Gould's Belt Survey [mail archive ]
Spectral Legacy Survey [mail archive ]
Debris Disks Survey [mail archive ]
SCUBA-2 All-Sky Survey [mail archive ]
Nearby Galaxies Survey [mail archive ]
Cosmology Survey [mail archive ]

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