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Wednesday, February 8th at 2.00 pm at the JAC

  Michael Koss,
University of Hawaii (IfA)

"Understanding Dual AGN Activation in the Nearby Universe"

ABSTRACT: One of the most important problems in modern astronomy is determining what triggers the growth of supermassive black holes. If the process of merging triggers the AGN, then there should be time when AGN can be detected in both of the merging galaxies as a dual AGN. However, AGN surveys of quasars and double peaked emission line sources find dual AGN are exceedingly rare, only ~0.1% among AGN samples. I present a study of the fraction of dual AGN in a sample of nearby X-ray selected AGN with high quality data from Gemini and Chandra. Additionally, I will present initial results of a study of the link between molecular gas, star formation, and AGN fueling using the JCMT.

Contact: Harriet Parsons. Updated: Wed Feb 1 10:48:27 HST 2012

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