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<i> IZJHKL'M' </i> Standard Star Magnitudes

IZJHKL'M' Standard Star Magnitudes

A text file summarising IZYJHKL'M' standard star magnitudes is available. The IZ is on the UFTI natural system, the Y magnitudes are measured using WFCAM (converted to MKO system) from UKIDSS DR4, the JHKL'M' is for the Mauna Kea consortium filter set which is installed in both UFTI and UIST . The JHK values listed in this file are from a project to measure standards through the new filter set (i.e. they are direct measurements, not transformations from the previous set). The publication, JHK Observations of Faint Standard Stars in the Mauna Kea Near-Infrared Photometric System , details the standard star magnitudes and comparisons with other photometric systems. These data include results on some secondary standards taken from the list by Persson et al. 1998 AJ 116, 2475. The L'M' work is described in L' and M' standard stars for the Mauna Kea Observatories Near-Infrared (MKO-NIR) system by Leggett et al. , 2003 Mon.Not.R.astr.Soc. 345, 144. See other links available from the calibrations homepage for further information on the standards e.g. how the current system relates to previous UKIRT photometric systems, colours, choice of standard stars, etc.

Contact: Watson P. Varricatt. Updated: Mon Aug 18 17:17:48 HST 2008

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