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IRCAM manual
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IRCAM was removed from the telescope in August 2002 to allow the installation of the new 1-5 micron imager/spectrometer UIST and is no longer available. This manual is offered to assist those analysing existing IRCAM data. IRCAM was a cooled 1-5 micron camera with a 256x256 InSb array with 30 micron pixels. In Fall 1999 IRCAM was reconfigured to have a plate scale of 0.081 arcsec per pixel with a field of view of 20.8 arcseconds. IRCAM/TUFTI (Thermal-UFTI) was designed to complement UFTI and to be used in the thermal regime although standard 1-2.5 micron filters were also offered.

Linear polarimetry with the reconfigured IRCAM was available using a warm half waveplate and focal plane mask with a cold Wollaston prism for simultaneous o- and e- ray photometry. The Fabry-Perot interferometer for the K window is available with UFTI.

Dr Sandy Leggett is the instrument scientist responsible for IRCAM, and should be contacted with all IRCAM enquiries. Her email address is (s.leggett).

Instrument Parameters
  • Basic Optical Parameters
  • 2002 Filter Set
  • Sensitivity Tables
  • Readout Modes, Minimum Exposure Times and Overheads
  • System Gain, Noise and Linearity
  • Sky Brightness, Background Limited Exposures and Saturation
  • Observing with IRCAM/TUFTI

  • ORAC Data Reduction (ORACDR) for IRCAM/TUFTI
  • Polarimetry with IRCAM/TUFTI
  • Calibration Information: Standards, Zeropoints and Extinction
  • Troubleshooting (for historical reference)

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  • Contact: Sandy Leggett. Updated: Thu Oct 7 15:30:38 HST 2004

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