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James Clerk Maxwell Telescope United Kingdom Infrared Telescope

The Joint Astronomy Centre operates two telescopes on the summit of Mauna Kea: the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope and the United Kingdom Infrared Telescope. UKIRT is currently in a transitional phase towards new ownership. The historical UKIRT web pages are here but are no longer valid.

Recent Announcements Recent Press Releases
JCMT Newsletter now available  (NEW)
UKIRT Operations Extended to 31 Dec 2013
JCMT: Announcement of Opportunity
 The JCMT Newsletter is relaunched [pdf] 
JCMT and UKIRT Break Publication Records
Again in 2012

Update on UKIRT Ownership
Public Release of SCUBA-2 commissioning data
UKIRT: Announcement of Opportunity
Potential Employment Opportunities at the JAC
Director JAC Awarded Honorary Degree

Important Announcement Regarding Future of JCMT and UKIRT: STFC Island Site Telescopes
Response:  Statement from the UKIRT Board
Response:  Statement from the JCMT Board

UKIRT's Productivity Continues to Rise
A New Customer for UKIRT

Announcements Archives
'Cosmic GDP' crashes 97% as star formation slumps
[RAS] (06-Nov-2012)
Measuring the universe's 'exit door'
[MIT] (27-Sep-2012)
UKIRT Discovers "Impossible" Binary Stars (RAS)
"Once in a Lifetime Opportunity" Science Planned on JCMT During the Transit of Venus
Ultra Cool Companion Helps Reveal Giant Planets (RAS)
The JCMT Celebrates its 25th Birthday
Dusty Stellar Nurseries from the Dark Side of a Galaxy
Picture Captures a Billion Stars
BBC News (29-Mar-2012)
Universe seen at 'full throttle'
BBC News (28-Mar-2012)
New SCUBA-2 Camera Reveals
Wild Youth of the Universe

UKIDSS Consortium receives RAS Group Award
A Happy New Year for European Radio Astronomy
Revolutionary New Camera Reveals
the Dark Side of the Universe

The Most Distant Quasar

Press Releases Archive

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The JAC is an establishment of the UK Science & Technology Facilities Council
operated in partnership with Canada.
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