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Palms, Etc. is located in Hilo, on the east side of the island of Hawaii.
We provide seeds for tropical plants in small to medium quantities. Our specialties are fresh Gardenia Taitensis (also known as Tiare - almost year round) seeds and Job's Tears. Job's Tears are also available in bulk. Please check back frequently to find out what just came in. Email us if you would like something that you can't find listed. We also ship the 'bulbs' of bamboo orchids to most states within the US. Shipment to some foreign countries can be arranged but may need certification, the cost of which may make this prohibitive. Shipping to the EU is generally very easy.

We don't ship our plants or produce, but do ship some cuttings.

We accept payment by check, money order (will be treated like a check, i.e. I'll wait until it clears, unless it's a USPS money order and I manage to get to the post office) or cash as well as

The following are available, with orders taken by email.
(If that bounces because the server you're sending it from has been blocked for sending a virus in the past or if you don't hear from me within 3 days, please try my alternate account)


We ship most seeds world wide but this may require extra paperwork (which may require extra fees).

Clove seeds are still available as of September 2014, but not a lot.

Shipping to California, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana may take an extra few days as those states are more stringent in their import requirements.

You can find listings in my on-line shops in the tropical plant seeds sections (but not necessarily more than one at this time):
http://www.zibbet.com/hilobeads/section/tropical-plant-seeds - Zibbet
http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/studio/hilobeads/1/1/16393// - Artfire
https://www.etsy.com/shop/hilobeads?section_id=6358045 - Etsy

The EU requires agricultural inspection at no extra cost, but shipping is at least $9.00 (for regular air mail). I will add shipping to the EU when I have a larger supply, and inspection is as strict as for shipping to California etc. .

Shipping to other countries may require an import permit (that the buyer has to obtain and send) and/or a phytosanitary certificate (which I can get here, but at a significant extra cost). If your country requires a customs form I will not lie on it. Please make sure that you can conform with your country's import regulations and are willing to pay the extra fees involved.

We had some nice customer comments:
"Yeah! The seeds are beautiful and very healthy!" - Dave in Winnipeg
"I was quite pleased to find that they all arrived in good condition. Some may have slight radical damage but they were all quite healthy. Certainly better than another company's quality for which I paid almost 18x more per seed!" - a happy customer in Minnesota

Seeds sold per package:

(usually 10 seeds per package, price per package is $2.50+S&H. S+H is $3.50 per order within the US for shipping by first class mail or $6.- for priority mail for most seeds.
Please ask about international shipping cost, as well as express mail shipping or shipping by FedEx or UPS.)


Kukui Nut, aleurites moluccana - shipping for these is $4.50
Lemon, Citrus limon
Mgambo, weleweka, Hawaiian pussy willow, velvet seed Majidea zangueberica, aka majidea zanqueborica or zanquebarica, The price for these is $4.50 for 10.
Royal poinciana, delonix regia
Guava (psidium guajava)
Red strawberry guava (psidium cattleianum)
Monkeypod (Samanea saman), rain tree or `ohai
Clove, Syzygium Aromaticum, see above.


Mimosa pudica, sleeping grass, sensitive plant, hila hila (will not ship to tropical or subtropical destinations)
Lilikoi, (Passiflora edulis flavicarpa) yellow passion fruit; (passiflora edulis edulis) purple passion fruit


Gardenia Taitensis, Tahitian Gardenia, Tiare
White Bird of Paradise, strelitzia nicolai (about 300 available)
Canna Lily, canna generalis, Indian Shot (about 500 available)
Job's Tears, Mary's Tears, Coix lacryma-jobi, jewelry grade - also sold by weight

Seeds sold by weight

"About" in the prices means that depending on how much I can fit into a box I'll go down in price if you're ordering more than 2 lb. Shipping within the US by priority mail is included in the "by weight" prices.

Currently the following are available for sale by weight:

Bamboo orchid bulbs:

Bamboo orchid bulbs can be shipped to most states in the US after inspection. The price is $1.-/bulb, minimum order of 50, which includes shipping by priority mail as well as the agricultural inspection. Bamboo orchids bulbs cannot be shipped to California, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana.


We have some dracaenas, some ti plants and 2 plumeria (frangipani) trees (white and burgundy - sorry, please don't ask for pink) that I can ship cuttings of to most states (exceptions again being California, Arizona, Texas and Louisiana that I know of, not sure about Florida). Minimum price for cuttings is $1.- each. Shipping depends. Pictures coming.

Watch this space for updates.

(pictures available by links for loading speed)

Agricultural links and more information

Send me email to my regular account or to my alternate account if you are interested in anything in particular.

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